Themes and Plugins

You can say many negative things about WordPress, but it still is easy to set up, very usable and highly extendable. The new standard theme Twenty Twenty-One is a minimal pleasure to look at. Let‘s keep this for now.

I installed the IndieWeb Plugin, and with the help of this many more IndieWeb-related plugins. After these simple steps it gets a lot more complicated. Many different promising open standards, but in practice rather confusing for the uninitiated. Seemingly everything is documented in detail on the IndieWeb Wiki, but not very readably. I understand that most is optional and the setup depends on your own purposes and opinions, but the result is a very steep learning curve. I hoped to find a best practice that just works out of the box. I guess this is where my design work starts? Make all this accessible to newbies?


This is my playground to experiment with personal publishing on the web – Welcome! Here I will try out practical ideas and code from the IndieWeb movement. In the long run I am going to work on getting back my digital sovereignty over my contents, which are currently locked up in the silos of the digital giants. In the end I hope to contribute to find better alternatives to the social networks of today. That is all for now!