Link previews

The way a link to some URL is shown on a web page is central to the social interaction between sites. Simple highlighted words alone will not be sufficient. Readers need more textual information and preview content. In some cases (read: microblogging) this link preview might show all the content of this page.

Here are two examples. First is the output of the Visual Link Preview plugin, second is a Twitter Card.

What content would a perfect link preview need?

  • Site owner’s Profile image, website icon or similar
  • Site owner’s name
  • URL (not sure about this so far as it might get long and ugly, even if truncated)
  • Preview text (character limit?)
  • Preview image (one of more? A useful simple responsive layout for image(s) of different ratio is tough. Most social sites us some way of cropping, which has lots of downsides.)
  • Timestamp (?)
  • Number of links aiming at that page
  • Number of comments on that page
  • Likes (? ☠️)