Beyond Tellerrand conference

My head is still spinning a bit after 13 hours of my first Beyond Tellerrand conference experience.

Seven speakers in one day, all very different but all very inspiring in their own unique way. I heard some universal truths that I already knew, but needed to be reminded about again: “Keep creating with what you have at hand.” (Doro Ottermann) – “Judge success by your enjoyment, not financial metrics.” (Elliot Jay Stocks) – “If you feel inspired to do something, immediately write it down and schedule the time for it in your calendar.” (Stefan Sagmeister)

The audience turned out even more important than the speakers to me. A small crowd of very diverse, super-friendly and welcoming folks. Everybody I got to know seemed to be an interesting person occupied with something intriguing. You literally could start talking to anybody, even the speakers, who mingled among the audience like normal attendees.

„In the end happiness is all about relationships.“ (again, Stefan Sagmeister)

During the day it dawned on my that these core values of BT come from a singular source in the background: the initiator and long-time runner Marc Thiele. Obviously he spent the last 10+ years meeting fascination people, making friends, juggling conferences and building an extraordinary community, all while enjoying himself immensely.

Thanks, Marc. That was great. We will meet again.

Elliot Jay Stocks
Doro Ottermann



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