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  • Beyond Tellerrand conference

    My head is still spinning a bit after 13 hours of my first Beyond Tellerrand conference experience. Seven speakers in one day, all very different but all very inspiring in their own unique way. I heard some universal truths that I already knew, but needed to be reminded about again: “Keep creating with what you […]

  • Link previews

    The way a link to some URL is shown on a web page is central to the social interaction between sites. Simple highlighted words alone will not be sufficient. Readers need more textual information and preview content. In some cases (read: microblogging) this link preview might show all the content of this page.

  • Experimenting with responding to a post on another website with a post here on this WordPress blog. Let‘s see how this goes!

  • Homebrew Website Club #2

    There will be another Homebrew Website Club next week on Wednesday! Good thing I get some company dabbling on this website. Don‘t underestimate the effect of meeting like-minded folks! If you care about personal websites, live somewhere around Nuremberg, please attend! I want to meet you! And if you are NOT around Nuremberg, please attend […]

  • Another CMS: Known

    On my way to create a “social” personal website and dabbling with IndieWeb software I tried out Known. I used my new for that. It‘s a lightweight microblogging system with the most important IndieWeb stuff already built-in. The downside is that the currently available themes for Known are very basic and lack in visual […]

  • Avalanche

    #photographic Also on: InstagramInstagram TwitterTwitter

  • Themes and Plugins

    You can say many negative things about WordPress, but it still is easy to set up, very usable and highly extendable. The new standard theme Twenty Twenty-One is a minimal pleasure to look at. Let‘s keep this for now. I installed the IndieWeb Plugin, and with the help of this many more IndieWeb-related plugins. After […]

  • Homebrew Website Club

    Just in time for starting this website there will be an Homebrew Website Club in Nuremberg next Wednesday. Friendly nerds talking about their websites and helping out the noobs. Hopefully. I need to work on this site so I can bother them with lots of beginner questions!

  • Run⏎

    This is my playground to experiment with personal publishing on the web – Welcome! Here I will try out practical ideas and code from the IndieWeb movement. In the long run I am going to work on getting back my digital sovereignty over my contents, which are currently locked up in the silos of the […]