Knot Home as a web app in macOS Sonoma

Thanks to Apple’s new macOS 14.0 every web app can be pulled into its own window and run like a native app. Which works perfectly well with our Knot Home prototype!

Welcome to my 🧶 Knot site!

The web software package Max Häßlein and I are currently developing has a proper name now! It’s called „Knot“. You are looking at the second website that uses it! More soon.

Why isn't Mastodon good enough?

From the Nostr site: nostr.com/comparisons/mastodon* A lot is debatable, but an interesting point for me is: In ActivityPub "User identities are attached to domain names which are controlled by third-parties." That is, DNS servers, hosting providers, and non-profits like ICANN and DENIC.

Ok, this might be a big deal: Apple’s Vision OS will support WebXR Websites. I‘m already waiting for WebXR to get out of its niche. A world wide web of interconnected extended realities? Yes, please!