Homebrew Website Club @ Nürnberg Digital Festival

Our monthly club is going big in July! The Nürnberg Digital Festival is a perfect opportunity to reach out to all those creative people around Nürnberg, who are interested in running their own websites. Come and join us! We are very eager to hear your ideas and thoughts about publishing on the web.


Pub Choir: 18.000 amateurs sing a song together. As simple as it is, compressed into a professional YouTube video, it turns into a suprisingly touching online moment …

My Geometry Daily artworks were shown at the Mathematics Day Istanbul! I wish I could have been there.


🤔 What am I up to at the moment?

Teaching Digital Experience Design at Nuremberg Tech. The current curriculum spans web design, app design, creative coding (p5.js), game design (PICO-8, Unreal Engine) and more experimental digital design fields (XR, Physical Computing, AI) Finding new ways to combine face-to-face and digital collaboration tools for learning and discussing design. (Confluence, Etherpad, Miro, Google Forms, Adobe XD, Figma)

Researching how people express themselves on the web. Researching and developing ideas how the web can become an alternative to the sinking ad-driven social media networks.

Playing Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Reading Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan

Listening Giant Rooks (also, LIVE! 🤩)

Brent Simmons, the author of NetNewsWire (my feed reader for many years), writes about Mastodon support in his application. The interesting part is: How can Mastodon (or any other ActivityPub source) be integrated into traditional "feed reading" apps? There are some significant differences. I chewed on this a lot last year while tweaking the microsub parts of Knot. No substantial solutions, so far, but this might be where possible futures are negotiated.