5 Minute Augmented Reality Workshop

Here is an idea for a super fast workshop on augmented reality with Vectary.com and the iOS standard ARKit player: Students first create a simple 3D object. They have to register first, which is kind of a hurdle. But then it is very easy to slap some shapes together. The free plan is enough. Vectary’s tools and controls are rather intuitive and there is a plethora of 3D shapes, objects. There is also a large library of 3D materials (Try the glossy ones!).

Vectary has AR functionality built-in if you are on a payed plan. As it turns out, you do not need that! Just export the project to the file format USDZ through the menu in the upper left. USDZ is a relatively new 3D content format optimized for extended realities. And Apple decided to support it natively in iOS.

So all you have to do is getting the USDZ file unto a not-too-old iPhone and open it through the Files app. No additional apps or installs are needed! The object opens in a nice, clean and usable AR player! Place it anywhere, move by dragging, scale by pinching. The quality is top-notch with some sophisticated real-time rendering. It even recognises human body shapes and masks them, so it appears persons can walk in front of the AR projections. Pretty neat.