I enjoyed last nights Homebrew Website Club a lot! Thanks to Sebastian and all the smart people I met!


Homebrew Website Club is meeting again next Wednesday in Nuremberg! The place to meet like-minded nice people who all share a passion for publishing their own websites. Join in!


From the latest OpenAI newsletter: loads and loads of new beta features, then … „ We have been thinking deeply about the societal implications and will have more analysis to share soon.“ 😂

Matthias Ott started the newsletter "Own Your Web" about publishing your personal website. We definitely need helpful outlets like this. Issue #2 is out now!


Of course I will be at border:none next Thursday and Friday. So many great speakers right in Nuremberg, how could I not? I attended Beyond Tellerrand in Hamburg last year and have been dying to go again. Tickets are still available, join us if you can!