My Now page is a Now POST

While considering additions to this website, I recalled the recent trend of publishing "Now pages" on personal websites. It is popular in the IndieWeb community. The concept aims to bridge the gap between the typical "About" page and regular updates on a specific topic. A "Now page" answers the question of what the author is up to at the moment. This concept has gained significant popularity. Derek Sivers curates nownownow.com*, where he thoroughly explains the idea and provides links to over 2,800 Now pages. I find reading these pages highly enjoyable. When I first meet people on the web, it is great to read something (relatively) recent about them.

I would also like to create a Now page for myself here – Surprise! But for me it does not have to be a static page that is constantly being overwritten by updates. I am not only interested in what an author is doing now, but also in what he or she has done in the past. This is why I will not publish a Now PAGE, but instead a Now POST that is marked with the publication time and a special "Now" tag for easy filtering.

I‘m not sure whether the Knot Site module currently supports this tag filtering, so I think I will have to manually hard-code the link to the sidebar for the time being.