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Welcome to my 🧶 Knot site!

The web software package Max Häßlein and I are currently developing has a proper name now! It’s called „Knot“. You are looking at the second website that uses it! More soon.

Why isn't Mastodon good enough?

From the Nostr site: nostr.com/comparisons/mastodon* A lot is debatable, but an interesting point for me is: In ActivityPub "User identities are attached to domain names which are controlled by third-parties." That is, DNS servers, hosting providers, and non-profits like ICANN and DENIC.

Ethan Mollick on AI in education: "Just as calculators did not replace the need for learning math, AI will not replace the need for learning to write and think critically. It may take awhile to sort it out, but we will do so.“


Interview about “Geometry Daily” on the Day of Mathematics Istanbul

It was pleasure to talk to Sarper Yurtseven at the Day of Mathematics Istanbul this morning! We talked about my Geometry Daily graphics, my process, inspirations and – or course – geometry. The 45 minutes were recorded and are available on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHp5UOlms-4*

Sarper tried to recreate one of my graphics with generative AI. The results are super interesting and surprisingly three-dimensional: youtu.be/MHp5UOlms-4?list=PL7DHNy6n7rOjTTkRtrxbOL7OAVRk4_59O&t=2971*

www.instagram.com/p/Cp2upx8IplC* The team of the Mathematics Day Istanbul (!!) asked me to give an interview about my graphic work on geometrydaily.com* tomorrow. It’s streaming live, so tune in on 11.00 CET: youtube.com/MatematikTurkiye* I don’t know if there will be a recording afterwards. Unfortunately the rest of the online event is in Turkish.